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JackW August 27, 2012 21:13

New to Compressible Flow. thermophysicalProperties file

I am currently running a case, where I can no longer discount some effect of compressibility. Trouble is I have no experience of running anything compressible.

I am trying either rhoSimplecFoam or rhoSimpleFoam, thinking it would be a quick switch over from my current simpleFoam case. Unfortunately I have got a little stuck in the thermophysicalProperties file and what exactly to specify in 0/.

For some reason I only have a rhoSimplecFoam tutorial and no rhoSimpleFoam tutorial. I have looked for wikis etc on the algorithms but have found very little. Instead I am working from the squareBend tutorial

Firstly under specie I was not planning on changing anything from the squareBend as I assumed this would be for an ideal gas.

Secondly, I have NO idea what Hf, As and Ts are and I am assuming Cp is pressure coefficient, but I don't understand how you can specify this in the constant directory?

Any help/pointers/tips would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much


Chris Lucas August 30, 2012 03:02


Cp --> Heat Capacity

As and Ts are model coefficients --> have a look at the sutherland model


JackW August 30, 2012 16:12


Was really struggling to find documentation on the compressible models.


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