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j-avdeev September 15, 2012 09:45

Is OpenFOAM tutorial cases valid?

I am exploring mesh scale (cells count, prismatic layers) and residuals interaction. And I am going to use OpenFOAM tutorial cases as cases with perfect mesh (it's ok if in tutorial not best, but at least perfect mesh).

But I can not find any information such as "results of this cases was compared with real experimental results". From other side - it would be wrong for OpenFOAM developers to include wrong cases as tutorial.

Can someone to say exactly - OpenFOAM tutorials were compared with real experiment? Or maybe someone can give links on corresponding works.

First of all I am interested in incompressible/icoFoam, pisoFoam, simpleFoam cases.

Thank you.

alberto September 16, 2012 02:31

Tutorials are "proofs of concepts" to illustrate some of the functionality of the code.
They are not verification or validation cases, for obvious reasons of convenience (a tutorial has to run rapidly and demonstrate how to set a case up), so I would not expect them to have a "perfect" mesh :D

ConnClark September 19, 2012 15:41

I believe the PitzDaily case is based off of an actual experiment that you can compare the output of OF to if you wish. I don't have any details about it though.

ConnClark September 19, 2012 15:45

okay I have some info on it (this may not be the exact case but its a start)

Pitz, R.W., and John W. Daily, "An Experimental Study of Combustion: Turbulent Structure of Reacting Shear Layer Formed at a Rearward Facing Step," NASA Contractors Report 165427 (1981).

Edit: Correct case to compare too
Pitz and Daily (AIAA Journal 21-11,1983 pg 1565-1570)

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