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rajeshkunwar September 18, 2012 08:31

buoyantSimpleFoam solver

Some queries regarding the solver (buoyantSimpleFoam) in OpenFoam.

  1. I have to simulate an unsteady buoyancy driven flow in which I am using low mach number (weakly compressible) versions of governing equation. The density is calculated by using ideal gas law. The pressure which is used in the ideal gas equation to calculate the density is the atmospheric pressure (not the hydrodynamic pressure in Navier-Stokes equation). Can buoyantSimpleFoam solver be used in such flow condition. As far as I understand buoyantsimpleFoam is used in compressible flow. please clarify. Where can I find the governing equations used in this solver.
  2. I have a boundary in which there could be entrainment of fluid across the boundary. what Boundary Condition should be used in such a boundary.
  3. What is the boundary condition equivalent to pressure outlet of Fluent in OpenFoam



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