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A.Wendy October 17, 2012 02:07

OF16ext GGI - divergence after a rotation of ~ 180 degree
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Hi everybody,

I am trying to run some simulations with the OF16ext and ggi.

I have an outer field where all boundaries set to zeroGradient. (Velocity and pressure)

I have an internal rotating mesh with a fixed rotational speed of 300 rounds per minute.

At the beginning of the calculation everything goes fine. But at an angle around 180 my simulations just gets totally wrong.

see this gif animation:

My thought is the problem lies within the ggi pair which gets posted in the log file. The values are growing by the time steps. Does anyone know what exactly this ggi pair logging says?

ggi pair at beginning

GGI pair (outsideSlider, insideSlider) : 2.19121106 2.19182285 Diff = -4.16006293e-06 or 0.000189852224 %
ggi pair at ending

GGI pair (outsideSlider, insideSlider) : 34782.106 34783.6821 Diff = 0.0258260876 or 7.42510748e-05 %
does anyone have an idea? I attached some files including a shortened log file of the icodymfoam solver.

Best wishes


Ivanet October 17, 2012 06:41

Hi Andreas,
I would suggest first of all to check how the mesh looks like at the end of your simulation. From what you say, I think your mesh did not slide properly.

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