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Nikunj.R November 14, 2012 17:59

Time dependent heat flux
Hello All!

I am trying to simulate an example with a trubulentHeatFluxTemperature boundary condition. While I have successfully implemented this BC, I am wanting to introduce time dependent heat flux in table format, where one specifies time and the corresponding heat flux value. I believe it is doable for fields like T, U using uniformFixedValue type, I dont know how to do it while using trubulentHeatFluxTemperature type.

Please let me know how to recompile this BC type or related discussions.


vainilreb January 22, 2013 06:55

Hey Nikunj,

have you already found a way to do this? It's exactly the problem I'm facing right now.

Best regards,


Gaspacho April 15, 2015 04:55

Dear all ,

I 'm also facing this problem. I would like to define two linearly time dependent boundary conditions : a wall heat flux ( W/m^2) and a mixture gas mass flow rate (kg/s). For the heat flux , I was testing the compressible::turbulentHeatFluxTemperature boundary condition on the hot room tutorial case from tutorials/heatTransfer/buoyantPimpleFoam and I modified the Temperature boundary condition for the floor like this :


        type compressible::turbulentHeatFluxTemperature;
        heatSource flux; // flux for W/m^2
        q  tableFile;
        fileName  "/home/user/Openfoam/hotRoom/myDataFile.txt"
        outOfBounds  clamp;
      kappa fluidThermo;
      Qr none;
      kappaName      none;
      value uniform 300;

However this way does not seem to work as q expects the key word uniform with scalar value. May someone provide hints to do some time-dependent heat flux and mass flow rate BC ?

Thank you in advance !

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