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aljazari November 15, 2012 12:18

Non-physical flow: omega is fixed at inlet

This is driving me crazy!

I'm simulating a flow past a transonic aerofoil (RAE 2822), I wrote a small script to generate a blockMeshDict which would then generate a C-Mesh around the aerofoil. Everything except omega at the inlet is fine.

Here's my part of my entry for omega:

internalField  uniform 242315;


        type            fixedValue;
        value          $internalField;

This is supposed to be an initial value, the thing is; omega stays as it is told: fixed at the inlet. Here's screenshot:

Something even more strange: I have a c-mesh for this same aerofoil converted from Fluent (originally from Numeca), and when I run the simulation using this mesh with the exact same conditions, omega is changing at the inlet, i.e. it is being solved!. Here's a screenshot:

This seems more 'physical'.

Am I correct to say the 1st screenshot doesn't look correct at all. If yes, what is wrong with the mesh/boundaries. Can someone help me?

I have also uploaded the two cases, the first one is using the mesh I generated, (blockMeshDict) is included as well. The second is using the converted Fluent mesh.

*I originally had the two meshes to have the same boundaries but then I decided to create a 'topAndBottom' boundary patch as well in the hope that it will change the behaviour of omega at the inlet.

Case1(block Mesh):
Case2(fluent mesh):

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