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ilmars November 22, 2012 05:11

solver solution for layered additive manufacruting process
I have a task to solve that is related to rapid prototyping (Additive manufacturing).
The problem i have encountered is that I need to simulate filament deposition process that occurs by specified toolpath and layer by layer.

Similar calculation have been done by some American people with ANSYS the way that they created solid structural elements for thermomechanical analysis. And after that they were activating one by one the elements like simulating the actual toolpath of material extrusion head. See publication:
Final result I would like to get is linear deviation from standart measures.

Can you give me some guidance on how to manage similar calculation with openFOAM? Are there any solvers that offers such step by step structure?

akk635 February 5, 2015 06:22


I am looking for a similar kind of task in additive manufacturing. I am new in using openfoam. Currently I am looking for meshing my CAD model with hexahedral mesh and proceeding towards a finite element formulation for calculating thermal distribution during additive manufacturing.
But I am still wondering if openfoam is a right tool to achieve this task. Particularly I could find any thermal conduction tutorials using openfoam. I would be glad, if you could share your experience and direct me towards a correct path.

Thanking you,
Ajay Karthik.

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