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immortality November 23, 2012 06:46

rhopimplefoam,transient or steady state?
as its obvious my question is that rhopimplefoam can be used for transient problems or only for steady state.if latter can I add required terms including time for using in transients?

chegdan November 23, 2012 13:25

rhoPimpleFoam is for transient simulations
rhoSimpleFoam is for steady-state simulations

If you go to the solver file itself, you will get the description.

In addition, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you could use a transient solver, with coEuler time scheme and run until steady-state is achieved.

immortality November 23, 2012 18:00

thank you very is pressure I right?how can understand that a solver is pressure based or density based?
Thank you again.

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