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immortality November 23, 2012 16:10

realizing pressure based and density based solvers
How can perceive a solver is pressure based type or density based one?
Each of these are more appropriate for what kind of flows?

immortality June 16, 2013 12:07

I answer to my thread after a while has passed briefly.
AFAIK till now rhoCentralFoam is the only density-based solver.
in density based solvers in the code (.C) of them,continuity equation is solved for obtaining rho at first and there isn't an equation mixing continuity and momentum equations to obtain a pressure corrector equation.
density based solvers are more appropriate for high velocity flows and for shock and expansion fan capturing too,also pressure based ones has modified to work in high flow velocities and shock capturing with high resolution better than before but still density based solvers are better for around sonic and supersonic or moving shock waves.
one point:rhoCentralFoam is an explicit solver though for good results maxCo should be lower than .4-.5.:)

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