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AlmostSurelyRob November 28, 2012 18:36

decomposePar alters boundaries for p_rgh
Dear All,

I have run into a serious difficulty with interFoam, decomposePar and totalPressure boundary. I have verified that the setup I have runs all right in serial and now I want to run a mesh refined case. Unfortunately after applying decomposePar the boundary conditions for p_rgh change from totalPressure to buoyantPressure. Is this is an intended behaviour?

I have tried scotch and simple decomposition with the same result. I have tried various number of processors for decomposition.

The problem is that this causes my simulation to break immediately with the following error message:

  [1] Continuity error cannot be removed by adjusting the outflow.
  Please check the velocity boundary conditions and/or run potentialFoam to initialise the outfl    ow.
  Total flux              : 1.026523172e-09
  Specified mass inflow  : 3.355484345e-11
  Specified mass outflow  : 3.356035588e-11
  Adjustable mass outflow : 0
 [1]    From function adjustPhi(surfaceScalarField& phi, const volVectorField& U,const volScal    arField& p
 [1]    in file cfdTools/general/adjustPhi/adjustPhi.C at line 118.
 FOAM parallel run exiting

and I verified that the message appears if I remove totalPressure bc.

Do you have any suggestions or explanations for this behaviour? I would obliged for any assistance.

AlmostSurelyRob November 29, 2012 08:15

What an eclipse...

It turned out that my boundary is defined twice in the original 0/p_rgh directory. The second bc was the one that decomposePar was taking.

I am sorry for sounding the alarm needlessly.

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