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Jaro November 29, 2012 08:00

[BEGINNER] Problems running tutorials (incompressible) in OF 2.xx
Hello everybody!

I am new to Fluid Dynamics and OpenFoam. I like very much OF (have watched videos on YT and I am big fan of Open-Source software). I read CFD-ONLINE from some time and admire what you do here.

Sorry to bother you with some very basics.... (you must be tired answering beginners ), but I don't know where to ask for such things.

I have installed OF on few platforms:
- OF - the newest - on Linux Ubuntu
- OF - the newest on Debian (in Windows' VBOX)
I have also:
- CAELinux 2011
- blueCFD SingleCore (on Windows)

I have three computers (desktop + 2 laptops) where I have "tested" OF.

I haven't any problems with installation OF, but have a lot of with running their tutorials. I have been trying all incompressible tutorials and got many problems (errors, usually runtime errors). Sometimes there is lack of file, sometimes there aren't some attributes, properties or other values set... Some tutorials don't even want to mesh (using BlockMesh or/and snappyHexMesh).

I have problems with most tutorials to run, some have went, but I didn't get results in .foam file (only many time-step directories with data I cannot read (or don't know how) in ParaView). I thought that every case solved in result should bring .foam file ???

The only tutorial I got results (from incompressible dir) is pitzDaily (LES). :)

In most situations (I think 50-60%), I didn't get solver running or even mesh applied - because of errors.

Maybe you know what I am doing wrong??

I like OF (have read about its capabilities), but the lack of manuals and good documentation is very bad, terrible for beginners.Very hard to start :(

I hope you point me to good directions and maybe advise how to run cases properly.

Have you got problems while running OF tutorials?? Or its just me??

I am not giving errors here because in different tutorials I got various errors.

I have also followed CAELInux 2011 tutorial (from SALOME to OF using simpleFoam) errors while trying to run solver :(


calim_cfd November 29, 2012 14:14


some hints:
read the userguide and the programmers guide within the /openfoam/doc/*.. (i dont remember the path right now)

when there's now 'allrun' file it means that all u gotta do is run blockMesh and then the solver..

when the case is over you usually run paraFoam it will touch the files and lauch the paraview...


Jaggy_Snake November 30, 2012 03:24

Maybe I can post this question in here as it vaguely follows on from the last post. Apologies if this is a very basic question.

After having executed Allrun, I wish to view the progress of my simulation, i.e my residuals. I believe I can use the gnuplot utility but I'm unsure how to implement this. Thanks

EDIT: On further reading, it seems pyFoam is the way to go.

calim_cfd November 30, 2012 12:16

a simply way to view the residual at the terminal is:


# <solver> > log &
# tail -f log

Jaro November 30, 2012 14:17

Hello! Thanks for reply! I knew about both documents / guides for OF. But they are not too comprehensive, particularly they don't answer why some errors occur and how to solve this problems..... I have make several huge mistakes, that's why I had problems with tutorials. I have solved ALL of them, a now tutorials works fine :). If anyone (any beginner - I should say) will have problems with tutorials running in blueCFD (under Windows) I recommend to read their installation guide: and: There are interesting informations, like: Adapting simulation cases from Linux to Windows and how to install ParaView under Windows... Regards Jaro

Lieven November 30, 2012 17:47

To store the residual data you could also use foamJob (e.g. in case of simpleFoam):


$ foamJob -s simpleFoam
where -s indicates that the output during the simulation is also piped to the terminal screen (although adding -s is optional). In case you want the job to run in parallel you can simply add -p but make sure you have the system/decomposeParDict set correctly.

After running the solver with foamJob, you can use the foamLog tool to obtain xy-data files of the residuals (simply type foamLog). Plotting can be done with a tool like Gnuplot or any other...

More info can be found at



Jaggy_Snake December 1, 2012 03:10

OK, thanks for the tips. And it's good that the OP has got things working now.

atmcfd December 4, 2012 21:12

This was extensively discussed in the forums earlier. Check out this thread....and I you will learn how to write your own gnuplot commands to plot, or use the existing ones :-)

vnarayana March 16, 2016 08:27

How to calculate u max and v max for particular values of x and y in openfoam
Good evening friends,
i am doing simulation using buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam , i got some results. please tell me how to find U max and V max for a particular values of X and Y ? With respect to time how to calculate velocities ?
Thank you

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