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petr.f. December 5, 2012 02:41

Random distribution of bubbles at the inlet?
Hi all,

I have another question about multiphase flows. Considering flow with bubbles - is it possible to set random distribution of bubbles at the inlet using e.g. funkySetFields or groovyBC? My point is - I know volume percentage of air entering the domain and approximate dimensions of bubbles, so I'd like to produce something as a "bubble column" but with visible bubbles (and interface compression) and then simulate bubble clustering and their motion as precisely as possible.

If I simply set (e.g. in interFoam of multiphaseEulerFoam) alpha1 (alphaair respectively) to 0.1 and alphawater to 0.9 at the inlet the bubbles form farther from the inlet (and sometimes do not form at all)...

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