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Aadhavan December 8, 2012 05:52

MRFSimpleFoam result checking
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the response so far, I am simulating axial fan, I tried in two ways. non of them shows good result. I feel I am extracting the result in the wrong way.
You guys please help me to extract the result

my problem setup is as follows
1) it is passage of a axial fan and it has 4 periodic faces
2) It has 3.1 million (3168990) cells
3) fan is rotating about Z axis positive rpm
4) inlet - flowRateInletVelocity
5) outlet - Gauge Pressure (0)
6) k-epsilon turbulence model

I am measuring the static pressure as follows:
1m before the fan and 0.46m after the fan (0.46 radius of the fan)
inlet static pressure (Psin) is 277Pa, outlet static pressure (Psout) is 364Pa.
the static pressure raise is: Psout - Psin- dynamic pressure = 23Pa (the solution not yet converged still going on)

The second way is:
I have given only negative rotation (-32.2 rad/s)
I checked the result like before: the static pressure raise is at maximum 145Pa
but the actual should be 200Pa.

can you guys please give me some information, what should I do?
I have seen in the forum for actual pressure we need to multiply with density, is it applicable for my case as well?
If I am calculating wrong please guide me,
I am looking for some one to help me

Thanks in advance,

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