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Angela Wang December 10, 2012 19:55

LTSInterfoam - ripples before the hull
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Hi Fomers,

I am recently playing with interFoam and LTSInterFoam. Seems the latter works very efficiently due to its local time step feature.

I tested four cases about a Fr=0.316 flow over a unit length wigley hull with both the solvers and ras & laminar cases (combinations of 2 solvers and 2 turbulent conditions ). All of them are carried on one rans mesh.

Here are some interesting things I got. I run all cases to physical time 25s. And the interFoam gave pretty good results for both waveprofile and forces. The LTSInterFoam, however, was very efficient but strange ripples before the hull appear after about 20s.

Anybody have similar experience with me? I am looking forward to any help about this and all of them will be very appreciated.

I attached the wave patterns for comparison.

Regards, Angela

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