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dancfd January 3, 2013 23:13

Time folder names exceedingly long after 1s of run time
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Hello all,

I have configured a transient sonicFoam run in parallel to carry out 50 iterations with a timestep of 1e-6, then increase the timestep to 5e-6 and continue the simulation through completion (2s). This was done to avoid divergence with the larger timestep in the first few iterations while saving computational time overall.

I have noticed a strange effect on the nomenclature of the time files, though: all of the folders with t > 1s begin to increment by 1e-12. This is causing difficulty for my post-processing scripts. When I look at the /unform/time file in each time directory, I see the following:


value          1.00004;
name            "1.000040000002";
index          199998;
deltaT          5e-06;
deltaT0        5e-06;

Here are some relevant lines from controlDict:


writeFormat    ascii;
writePrecision  6;
writeCompression uncompressed;
timeFormat      general;
timePrecision  6;

Could anyone offer a suggestion to what could be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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