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immortality January 8, 2013 04:53

how to use double precision?
how double precision can be turned on like fluent?does it result more accurate results or more stability?

akidess January 8, 2013 08:07

Double precision is enabled by default.

immortality January 8, 2013 09:17

thanks.but you mean all solvers use double precision instead of single precision?
In some problems it is not required to use double precision that takes more time.

mturcios777 January 8, 2013 13:19

Single and double precision are enabled by compiler flags. To switch, you need to change the WM_PRECISION_OPTION to either SP or DP, then recompile the solver you want to use and make sure the current shell has the environment variables updated.

immortality January 8, 2013 15:19

thanks dear Marco.
How to change the parameter you mentioned?
Do all solvers use dp by default?

ngj January 8, 2013 15:29


Please try to read post 2 again, where one of your questions has already been answered.

You could definitely make people more willing to help, if you actually seem to reflect on the answers people are giving you. This is not elementary school and in excess of 200 poorly written posts in a matter of few month tells a very clear story.

Kind regards,


immortality January 8, 2013 18:28

What's wrong with you about my questions?
Your speech don't seems is more clear that you have thought here is elementary school and you are the teacher of it.
If i wanted to ask my friend again for more certainty why are you bothering?that's odd.
Do you think my posts exceed your posts and you'r worry about that and counting the months?
Its better to respect each other and don't imagine ourselves a ruller of others!

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