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immortality January 9, 2013 13:31

What are rhoMin and rhoMax in rhoPimpleFoam?
in rhoPimpleFoam there are rhoMin and rhoMax what they mean?what are their coefficients?

maHein January 11, 2013 18:30

The density in the solver rhoPimpleFoam is limited by the values "rhoMax" and "rhoMin" defined in fvSolutions.

immortality January 12, 2013 04:34 should it be adjusted based on case?

immortality January 15, 2013 12:43

any idea about setting the rhoMin and rhoMax?
do we should a guess about minimum and maximum f rhos in the problem we solve?or its default should be used?
please give me a guide.
thanks alot.

mturcios777 January 15, 2013 13:36

These are values that you set based on your knowledge of the case you are simulating. It is up to you to ensure they are correct. If you look in the pEqn.H file you will see that is the operation done rho = max(rho,rhoMax) and the like.

immortality January 16, 2013 10:46

im not sure about max and min of rho exactly.can i set it by a factor of safety?then turn the results less exact or just each iteration takes more time?

mturcios777 January 16, 2013 13:55

No, all that happens is that after the p is solved for, rho is then limited by the max/min values. All cells where rho is > rhoMax are set to rhoMax, all cells where rho < rhoMin are set to rhoMin.

immortality January 16, 2013 18:10

excuse me.why it is intended?density is obtained from equation of state,isn't it?if thats true why rho is bounded?and if we acept that it doesn't seem an accurate way.could give me a bit guidance?

mturcios777 January 16, 2013 18:21

The bounding is there for your convenience; this is to bound the solution if you want. If you don't want rho to be bounded, just set rhoMin 0 and rhoMax to something absurdly high.

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