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neeraj January 10, 2013 01:39

Backward facing step with heat transfer using low-re model
I went through many threads related to low-re models and turbulent heat transfer modeling. With whatever little knowledge i acquired i am trying to run this backward facing step problem with turbulent heat transfer using Lam-Bremhorst model. But as always its giving error :-p .I have uploaded my case along with problem details here. Please be kind enough to download my case and go through it to help me understand my mistakes :-)
NB: 1) I didnt use any wall functions since its a low re model. (but in the nacaairfoil tutorial they are using wallfunctions... i dont know the reason?)
2) I am not sure abut why we need a boundary condition for alfat and kaapat and nut.
3) I am giving beta =0 and g=0 because i am having a constant density problem without buoyancy effects.

neeraj January 13, 2013 05:29

Great ... good response... keep it up ....!

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