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cts January 11, 2013 09:21

ShockTube tutorial modification
Can anyone give me a bit of an explanation with i needed to input my patch types as symmetryPlanes instead of wall or patch in order to observe shockwave reflections in a shocktube?

my scenario that I modeled:
1 x 0.1 x 0.1 tube
LHS to 0.5: p = 10atm, T = 300
0.5 to RHS: p = 1atm T = 300
runtime: 0.020

i think dimensions and initial conditions for p and setFieldsDict were all i changed (other then the symmetryPlane input).


subramanyamn January 15, 2013 16:03

sonicFoam strange results with shockTube slightly modified
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I modified the shockTube tutorial keeping P_left = 10 atm, P_right = 1 atm, T=300. setFieldDict P is at 50% x:
Case 1:
x=1 nx =100
y=0.05 ny = 5
z=0.001 nz = 1
max U = 301 m/s

x=1 nx=100
y_left=0.05 y_right=0.08 ny = 5 (diverging pipe)
z=0.001 nz=1
max U = 100m/s

x=1 nx=100
y_left=0.05 y_right=0.03 ny=5 (converging pipe)
z=0.001 nz=1
max U = 24m/s

logically thinking the results are incorrect. Can someone please help with why this could be happening?

Update 2-Feb-2013:
The above solution was with sonicFoam. I have tried now with rhoCentralFoam too. Exactly same behaviour!

This time:
shockTube tutorial, the standard in rhoCentralFoam

shockTubeDiv :
x_left = (-5,-1)(-5,1)

I have uploaded the cases for reference. Someone please help!

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