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cts January 21, 2013 14:57

SonicFoam question
Sorry to repost, but I was hoping someone could help me out with this and another question I have and never received a reply earlier.

So, I am using sonicFoam for a simple 5m shocktube, 10atm:1atm, equal temperatures, and have the mesh and fields correct, but in comparison with analytical and other (non-open source) CFD programs, its seems that my shock wave is traveling too slowly. In 23 mseconds you should see the main pressure wave impact both sides of the tube, but the speed delays the shock to the point where it doesn't even reach the left side of the tube before my run is complete.

Overlapping my results makes openFoam look SERIOUSLY flawed somewhere but being new to CFD, I'm not sure if this is an iteration/solutionScheme problem or what.

Any advice?

Also: is there a way to make openFoam calculate delta(t) on the fly or does it have to be set at your lowest required dt (even though this slows down the calculation time significantly)?



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