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vainilreb January 23, 2013 05:54

Possible epsilon influence on k-omega-SST?
Hi everyone,

from time to time I'm observing an influence of the "epsilon" file on my calculation's convergence, although I'm using the k-omega-SST model.

When doing influence studies I copy my old cases and change only some parameters, like e.g. the inlet flow. When I don't adapt any further files but k and omega, my calculation would crash after several seconds. Then I try to fix it by adapting epsilon to the new inlet flow and everything works fine. :confused:

Has anyone ever encountered the same phenomenon? I always wonder if this is even possible - as far as I believe to understand OpenFOAM's turbulence modelling it should not?

The solver in use is sprayFoam and YES, I am sure that the turbulence model is set to k-omega-SST. :D

Best regards, Robert

immortality January 23, 2013 06:32

i had a problem like you but somewhat my case an error always displayed on R folder(my turbulence model is kOmegaSST too) when i deleted it never that error displayed.
I have a question like you.why these folders affect others when they should not be used?

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