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immortality January 23, 2013 06:14

are wall and patch inherently different?
if i set at a patch properties to be in this manner:U=U Of wall i want,T and p:zerogradiet then would this patch play the role of a wall?or other things should be included into account?
At which parts of comressible solvers or models i can find an answer for this query?
Thanks a lot.

asoltoon January 24, 2013 02:59

Hello Ehsan,

If you are not using turbulence model and you don't have static pressure in your problem and the walls are adiabatic, your boundary conditions are O.K. But in the case of turbulent flow, you should use wallfunctions for K, Epsilon, Reynolds stress tensor(R), nut, and set the boundary condition for nuTilda as zerogradient. If you have heat exchange between wall and fluid or the wall has fixed temperature, the T boundary conditions will be different.


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