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LastLantean January 25, 2013 05:46

reactingFoam modification for isothermal binary diffusion of gases
i now currently modelling a gas purge on anode side gas channel in PEFC

i first ran the simulation for 3D.isothermalWalls BC with reactingFoam without reactions(by delete the reactions) and it worked well.

and for the benefit of hindsights, i figured out (or quite obvious) that the flow in
micro channel is almost behave like isothermal flow.

so I'd like to simulate the 3D isothermal case by using reactingFoam.

to achieve that i thought that by commening how the hsEqn.H would be sufficed in reactingFoam.C

it passed the compilation, but when i see the simulation results, it did not work good.

the temperature was remain still by initial condition of 293K as i set in 0 directory.

however, when i see the U results, it behaves weirdly.
(i observed no change at all)

in case of usual adiabatic case, the simulation works find.

i would be greatly appreciated if someone told me how to overcome this problem.

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