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nore5 February 13, 2013 10:55

RAS simulations of flow around wall mounted cube
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Greetings to all,

I am currently trying to set up an OpenFoam model for 3D flow around wall mounted cube.

Here are some details on the model
*Meshing- SnappyHexMesh so to get refinement qround the cube and have a mesh distribution similar to the one enclosed.
*Solver - PisoFoam with k-epsilon for turbulence modelling.

*Boundary conditions /chosen according to a reference paper/
**cube wall functions
**channel upper wall symmetryPlane
** channel later sides symmetryPlane
**channel bottom wall wallFunction
** velocity inlet- set uniform 5m/s for the moment but will use GroovyBC later> I just want to see what will happen.
** outlet inletOutlet boundary condition.

*System , I had copied and adapted the fvSolution, fvSchemes and controlDirect of a k-omega model for the same case.

*Turbulence parameters calculation using guidelines in user guide.

Once I run simulations, it directly crashes after three time steps with unrealistic and unexpected bounding values for the courant number, k and epsilon.

I saw that there were some fixes to do for the mesh too. But my biggest concern is those strange values I get when running the cases. Please, note that OpenFoam is a completely new to me and I am in the process of learning.

Please could you have a look at the model and tell me how I can improve it to avoid the errors I get? Enclosed is the zip file.

Notice that to run the case, the snappyHexmesh process takes some time. Sorry, I could not send the zipped folder with the files resulting from SnappyHexMesh because of size limitations. I can send it by mail upon request if needed to gain time.

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.


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