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DavidOuellette February 19, 2013 23:34

Laminar Poiseuille Flow using rhoSimplecFoam
Hi all!

I am in the process of converting the 'squareBend' tutorial for the rhoSimplecFoam solver, to the situation I am researching. I have currently modified the geometry such that the system simulates laminar Poiseuille flow.

Now, issue that I am having is that I am receiving virtually identical velocity profiles for both the laminar and turbulent cases; where they are both heavily blunted, suggesting that the flow is turbulent in both cases. This is further substantiated by the k and epsilon profiles that are produced at the end of the simulation; where they are different from the initialized ones. Furthermore, the maximum velocity of the profile does change when the inlet flow rate is varied; suggesting that at least some of the files within the case folder are being read. I have provided the code for the RANSProperties and turbulenceProperties files below for the laminar case.

in the RANProperties file, I have:

RASModel        laminar;

turbulence      off;

printCoeffs    on;

In the turbulenceProperties file, I have:

simulationType  laminar;
I should also note that I am using OpenFOAM-2.1.1 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

Thanks and all the best,

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