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DanielRCalvete February 20, 2013 14:51

No Velocity Residuals in interPhaseChangeFoam
Hello Everybody,

I am running the the solver interPhaseChangeFoma using the same FvSolution setup of the CavitatingBullet tutorial. The problem is that the residuals of velocity are not written in the log-file during/after the simulation. Anybody knows how to setup the FvSolution to obtain the velocity residuals in this case, or if it is possible or not obtain this residuals from this solver?

I need to check the velocity residuals for my project, it is very important for me to know this.

Thank you in advance :)

abe April 8, 2013 07:28


The main reason could be that the velocity equation UEqn is not solved.
You may change the momentumPredictor condition in System/fvSolution file--PIMPLE entity from 'no' to 'yes'. So, the velocity equations will be solved and you can see their results.

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