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nore5 February 21, 2013 11:46

How to prescribe fully developed turbulent velocity profile at inlet?
Hi everybody,

While doing a simulation of flow around wall mounted cube, I found in Franjo Juretic Phd thesis that one way to have a fully developed turbulent velocity at the inlet was to do a separate channel flow simulation and then interpolate it onto the inlet using cubic interpolation.

You can read more on page 162:

I want to do so in OpenFoam, so I adapted the geometry of the channel395 tutorial to my case dimensions and got the flow field. The way I understood this suggestion is to take the field at some point in the domain and map it into the inlet of the domain with the cube. I first naively thought that Mapfields could do so but what is the link with cubic interpolation then?

Please could you help me with understanding this suggestion? I don t know in fact if I should use the velocity profile at the outlet of channel flow and map it (or interpolate it) at the inlet of my geometry with the cube. Or maybe I am wrong?

Also please, how to assure this interpolation in openFoam?
Is there a utility for that please?

Thank you in advance for your answers ( I really think I need them as I donīt know how to start)



nore5 February 22, 2013 10:30

Does anybody has a clue about how to proceed please?

Thanks again.


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