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yanxiang February 21, 2013 16:04

under what circumstances would interFoam have alpha > 1?
Dear Foamers,

As per the title, in OF211, what would make the alpha go above 1 when using interFoam? Shouldn't the MULES solver ensure the volume fraction be bounded at all times?

I constantly get unbounded alpha when trying to simulating a microscale reactor with good quality mesh. Sometimes it could go up to 6 or even higher if allowed to run longer. I partially solved the problem by changing the mesh/BC. However, it is good to know what causes this issue.


duongquaphim July 15, 2013 16:29

Are you running cases with the same settings as in the damBreak tutorial? Could you put the case here such that I can give it a try? I never had any things like that.

Also for the term div(phi,alpha), using vanLeer01 instead of vanLeer might be helpful. This might also be helpful



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