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vainilreb February 25, 2013 05:14

Compressible boundary conditions for fixed velocity
Hi everyone,

I really need help on this topic:

I have a "channel" which is bounded by walls at the bottom, left and right side and open at the top. I know my "inlet" velocity (0.5 m/s), the pressure (101300 Pa) and the ambient temperature (288.15 K).

I've tried almost everything from inletOutlet, fixedValue, zeroGradient and so on for almost every patch, it simply won't work. I either get extremely high velocities (approx 20 m/s !) at the upper edge of the in- and outlet or my temperature and pressure diverge until the simulation crashes due to Janaf range violation...

I'm using sprayFoam. I really really got to the end of my knowledge and even the older topics in this forum didn't help me out, so I'm really desperate for any help on this!

Best regards, Robert

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