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immortality March 6, 2013 16:31

two questions about movingWallVelocity.
I have two question.
1)does movingWallVelocity have anything more for impermeability of wall so that phi be zero.
if we use zeroGradient for T and p and wall velocity for U does it do the same work that movingWallVelocity does?
2)how to find phi value on a patch?

immortality March 6, 2013 16:50

how is it possible to see values of phi on a patch?it doesn't appear in paraView.
I want to know if we set values as I told ((zeroGradient for p and T) and also fixedValue for wall is it different to movingWallVelocity? where's the impermeability for wall in movingWallVelocity BC?

immortality March 8, 2013 04:49

no one has some information?

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