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Grimoli March 10, 2013 14:06

chtMultiRegionFoam problem
Hello,Is everyone okay??

I'm doing a basic case for chtMultiRegionFoa

m and I can',t get rid of some problem when I use the command chtMultiRegionFoam(actually i dont know how to use it,im using it afterward the certains commands :(< cd case><blockMesh> <setSet -batch <file>.setSet> <splitMeshRegions -cellZones -overwrite>).What could I do for it??
Im receiving the certain error :

Cannot find file "points" in directory "Air2/polyMesh" in times 0 down to constant

From function Time::findInstance(const fileName&, const word&, const IOobject::readOption, const word&)
in file db/Time/findInstance.C at line 188.

FOAM exiting

wyldckat March 10, 2013 17:23

Hi Gabriel,

Try using this tutorial as a reference: - it's a lot simpler than the ones that OpenFOAM provides by default.

Best regards,

wolfindark March 11, 2013 02:05

you have a problem with your mesh.

check your mesh with checkMesh

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