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ganeshv March 13, 2013 10:31

movePoints in sampledSurfaces

I have a moving mesh simulation (solid Body Rotation) and I use pimpleFoam to run this. I have a set of stl files inside the rotating region that I want to sample on during runtime. These stl files need to rotate along with the mesh that's rotating. What's the easiest way to do this? I thought something like this will work, but clearly it's not working

dictionary probeSurfaces = runTime.controlDict().subDict("ySurfaces") ;
sampledSurfaces yPlanes("yPlanes", mesh, probeSurfaces) ;


forAll (yPlanes, yPlaneI) {
      pointField yPlanePoints = yPlanes[yPlaneI].points() ;
      Pout << yPlanePoints << endl ;
      pointField newyPlanePoints = transform(windTurbineRotation.transformation(), yPlanePoints) ;
      static_cast<const sampledTriSurfaceMesh*>(& yPlanes[yPlaneI])->movePoints(newyPlanePoints) ;

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