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Quatschinsky March 15, 2013 11:46

pressure drive flow in multiphaseinterfoam

I am newbie in openfoam and try to simulate a pressure driven flow in a co-extrusion nozzle with the multiphaseinterfoam solver. Using fixedvalue at the inlets for the p-file and varied between pressureinletoutletvelocity, pressureinletvelocity or zerogradient for the inlets in the u-file.
If I take a look at the U field in paraview the velocity at the inlet is not shown correct it is near to zero and around a magnitude of 10 to 100 smaller than calculated by myself.
A colleague of mine said that the interfoam solvers aren't able to calculate the velocity out of the pressure or rather the flux. Is that correct?
Has anybody experience with pressure driven flows in interfoam and can help me?
Allready searched in the forum but couldn't find a helpful answer.

Thanks in advance, cheers

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