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leowong March 19, 2013 11:15

rotating pacel injection in cylindrical coordinates
Hallo Foamers,

i would like to simulate an rotating water nozzle. The default initial velocity u0 ist in cartesian coordinates (x y z). I confused how can i convert it to an initial tangential velocity for lagrangian parcel injection.

*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*\ Class PatchInjection Declaration \*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ template<class CloudType> class PatchInjection public InjectionModel<CloudType> { // Private data //- Name of patch const word patchName_; //- Injection duration [s] const scalar duration_; //- Number of parcels to introduce per second [] const label parcelsPerSecond_; //- Initial parcel velocity [m/s] const vector U0_; //- Volume flow rate of parcels to introduce relative to SOI [m^3/s] const autoPtr<DataEntry<scalar> > volumeFlowRate_; //- Parcel size PDF model const autoPtr<pdfs::pdf> parcelPDF_; //- Cell owners labelList cellOwners_; //- Fraction of injection controlled by this processor scalar fraction_;


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