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rohit3051 March 21, 2013 22:43

Basic steps
Can any one help me in understanding OpenFOAM. I am trying to simulate the flow of air in a data center.

I have 4 type of BCs.
1 = CRAC(Computer Room Air Conditioner) -> Suction side -> ? (it will be taking air from the fluid domain
2 = CRAC(Computer Room Air Conditioner) -> Discharge side -> velocity(in will be inlet to the fluid domain.
3 = Air inlet to Server Rack -> ?
4 = Air outlet from Server Rack -> ?
3 and 4 must be having same Flow rate as what ever goes in the server due to suction fan in each server comes out from the other side of server.

The flow diagram is like this.

Air enters the the space from discharge side of CRAC(velocity and flow rate are know) the air passes through server (3) ,get heated and exit from other side of server (4), and again this hot air is suck by the CRAC suction side (1)get cooled and supplied again(2)

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