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Jonathan March 31, 2013 14:56

Pressure singularities using OF
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I was wondering whether anyone might know what is going on in my model below. The graphic shows the suction surface of a turbine blade towards the trailing edge.

As you can see, i get these 'hot spots' of high and lower pressure forming about ~80 iterations into the simulation.

I am using SRFSimpleFoam and solving for turbulence using kOmegaSST, which i think is set up correctly ...

I am using the SmoothSolver for Urel / k / omega etc and GAMG for pressure ...

I have checked the mesh and can't see any issues with that - checkMesh and mesh metrics in ICEM all seem ok. The mesh also solves well (ok) in Fluent, so i was wondering whether anyone had any ideas or had seen something like this before.

Many thanks in advance

EDIT: PS Forgot to mention, the job runs 'fine' using a single thread, but throw a seg fault when i try to split it over several threads??? I dont haven't had any issue running other jobs in parallel so this is also a bit strange. Any ideas ?? thanks again

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