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honvu April 4, 2013 15:50

Tutorials OpenFOAM
Hi everyone.
I'm studying OpenFOAM.
Can you help me some tutorials.

immortality April 4, 2013 16:03

what do you mean?what are you searching for?

erichu April 4, 2013 17:02

You have ready cases in the openfoam folder, tutorials can also be found in the users manual, programmers manual.

Other ways to obtain information is to look for thesises. Just google 'Openfoam master thesis' and you will find a lot, especially from Chalmers University in Sweden. I've also noticed that CAELinux creators provide a step-by-step tutorial.

chegdan April 4, 2013 17:04

Greetings Honvu!

Once you have installed OpenFOAM, there are numerous tutorials that come with the installation. There is also a user's guide that comes with OpenFOAM or one located here. if you are looking for something more substantial, then I will refer to another post I made recently located here. In the future, being more descriptive with your posts will get you better results in a more timely manner on the message board. Please see

Good luck!

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