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NJG April 5, 2013 08:25

Boundary Field and Wall Functions, time 0 & time >0
Recently in an attempt to figure out the source of why my run was crashing, I decided to start the run at a time greater than 0 very close to when my problems causing the crash begin (to save me time; the signs of crashing begin some 24 hours of real time into the run). Basically, to do this I just renamed one of my folders for a time greater than 0 to "0", deleted the rest, and started the run.

In doing this, I noticed that many of the various variable folders for k, epsilon, and so on that I set up with wall functions in my original time 0 folder files no longer have those wall functions. Instead all they have are a non-uniform field list of values (the result of my run thus far) and then any Dirichlet or Neumen style BCs (so constant value or zero gradient). But the wall functions are completely missing.

Does this mean OpenFOAM only uses those wall functions to initialize the run and doesn't refer to those BCs at all at times greater than 0? If so, that seems problematic to me.

Any insight into this would be most appreciated.


NJG April 5, 2013 10:48

I am further bothered by this as I have been running this new case and have progressed past the point where my previous problem began and I see no indication of it yet, making me further fear I am running something different.


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