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makaveli_lcf April 8, 2013 08:25

alphaContactAngle parameters: in which file to define?
Hi dear Foames!

I am confused about setting contact angle information for multi-phase systems for multiphaseInterFoam solver: as it is indicated in the tutorial damBreak4phase all contact angles are defined in 0/alphaair. For all other fields boundary condition is zeroGradient (which I understand as the 90 contact angle condition).

Thereby my questions are:

1) Is information from alphaair boundary conditions valid for all fields and all corresponding patches?

2) If information is overridden in some other field file, e.g. water, which settings are valid then?

The last question arises, because I tried to set alphaContactAngle in both alphaair and alphawater files, and the solver does not complain.

I work with OF 211 now, also tried that in OF 220, solver permits to use alphaContactAngle in several fields.

So, I would really appreciate your comments and help,
thank you in advance!


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