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RynoLaub April 9, 2013 07:56

Help needed for PressureInletOutlet BCs for buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam
Hi Guys

I am relatively new to Openfoam and is busy learning the software I have already done a few of my own problems with success. Currently I trying to do the tuts I've done on Ansys during my studies at university. One tut is giving me a few problems, it will be much appreciated if someone could help me.

The problem I am trying to simulate is 2D laminar flow around a heated vertical plate in air. The solver I am using is buoyantboussinesqsimplefoam and the RAS properties is set to laminar. The problem has the following boundaries:

inflow, outflow, Symmetry, plate and front_back where the front_back is type empty and Symmetry is type symmetryPlane. The inflow should be a pressure inlet at ambient temperature T_amb and the outlet should be a pressure inlet outlet (to compensate for backward (reverse) flow) at T_amb. My question is could someone tell me how the 0/p and 0/U boundaries should be setup specifically the inlet and outlet BCs.

Thank you in advance

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