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immortality April 10, 2013 13:11

set the pressure BC by a table
why totalPressure is set as this?
type uniformTotalPressure;
pressure table
(0 10)
(1 40)
p0 40; // only used for restarts
U U;
phi phi;
rho none;
psi none;
gamma 1;
value uniform 40;
in this link:

shash June 15, 2013 22:42

hi all,
I have the same doubt ??

Ehsan did u find the explanation for this?

immortality June 16, 2013 05:03

no I don't know why it has selected 40 for p0 and value while it starts with 10.

wyldckat June 16, 2013 09:03

Greetings to all!

It's a tutorial, which is giving some hints on how to use "p0".
The case is rather fast to run, so the idea is that the value "p0" is set to 40 because continuing the case will probably be after 1.0 s or 1.5s, at which point in time, it's already at 40, as indicated by the time table.
In other words, it's so quick to run, that it's more likely to stop after 1.0 s, than anything else.

Have a look at the "controlDict" to see what I mean.

Best regards,

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