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kiddmax April 11, 2013 05:29

How to do verification for OpenFOAM?
Dear all, I am a newbie in OpenFOAM and Programming in CFD. I have no idea about how to do verification for my cases. I only know that I need to check grid independence and time independence for steady and unsteady solver, respectively. Recently I am doing karman vortex street at Re=150. I think I got not bad result compared with experimental result, but my teacher want me to do error or accuracy checking. I use first order Euler scheme for time discretization, second order for other terms, and she said if I refine my mesh, for instance \delta x decreased to half, the slope of error and grid nodes should be one. I am not quite clear about this. Can I get the error in OpenFOAM post processing? And if someone can introduce any paper or books related verification, that will be great! really appreciate!! Best regards, Ye

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