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rogerliu April 11, 2013 22:39

Flow past a cylinder using LES
Hi everyone,
For case flow past a cylinder at Re=3900, I want to use LES to be the turbulence model. Then, which solver I should use? And for files in ''Constant'' and ''System'', which files I should revise? Thanks very much!!

atmcfd April 13, 2013 17:34

Hey Roger,

You can use pisoFoam. As for the settings in the fvSchemes and fvSolution files, its not very different from what you see in RANS, except that you do not have the turbulence variables k,eps, etc. Check out the channel395 tutorial in OF for these files. You might just want to change the choice of schemes used there, but the files are as such good for direct use.

For "constant" you need to have a LESProperties file with your choice of SGS model, damping etc. check the channel395 case for all of these.



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