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immortality April 16, 2013 18:26

is this case right?higher velocity in backward step
i have a case with bachward step.
I have tested a lot of combinations with OF but i want someone ensure me about this problem.
There is a backward step case that in inflow there exists a higher pressure than internal and case is near the corner of step, velocities goes very high even supersonis while in direct case(without step) velocities are lower.after a while this high velocity extends and after that a high velocity bulk leaves the corner and moves ahead.
Is this reasonable?

immortality May 2, 2013 14:10

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I have find a lot of pdf files that have discussed about distance of reattachment of separation region but not concentrate on velocity around the sharp corner.
these display my case.
do anyone know an article for comparing and verifying the velocities?(a case with subsonic fluid entrance)

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