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mdrehan April 19, 2013 23:24

open channel flow
i have started using openfoam just a few days ago...and i want to use it for open channel flow modelling..can anyone give me a simpler examples or document that i can understand it in a better way..specially the solvers....



JR22 April 20, 2013 08:41

Channel Flow Tutorial
It is kind of hard to find OpenFoam tutorials that are more than just well commented (as in code comments) models. However, one of the best documented tutorials for OpenFoam is for open channel flow. This tutorial however, does not provide details about the meshing portion of the problem, since the author uses NetGen, an external meshing software to create the mesh (See Update Below). There is a PDF document and Case files explaining every aspect and physics of the model/simulation. You can find it here:

Libre Mechanics Open Channel Flow Tutorial. It is divided in two cases, one with pilars within the flow, and a second without them. It is a very recent example/tutorial, so the author might be interested in some feedback that makes it more useful to everybody. Please give him/her feedback.

When you go through it, please come back and let us know about it. I haven't had the time to go in detail through it. Specifically, I would like to know how he interfaces with the NetGen mesh file (how he builds his boundary file).

UPDATE: I contacted the author and asked him about the meshing portion using NetGen. He was gracious enough to answer my question. You can actually export the mesh from NetGen to OpenFoam. He has some more details in a tutorial on meshing complex geometries using Netgen by way of Calculix.

mdrehan April 21, 2013 23:48

Hi jr22
thanks for the info...i will surrely go throgh these ..and let you know.

mdrehan April 22, 2013 02:02

one of the best documented tutorials for OpenFoam is ?????? for open channel flow.

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