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archeoptyrx May 4, 2013 02:12

Running Openfoam after converting the mesh file
Hello ,

I am new to Openfoam .
I created a mesh file in workbench 14 and converted it to OF .
Now The folder contains
  1. 0(empty)
  2. constant(polymesh and transport properties)
  3. system(control dict , fvschemes, fv solutions)
(I just copied contents of pitzdaily tutorial and emptied the constant/polymesh folder contents . as mentioned in wiki )

Now i need to run the problem

density and other properties

pressure outlet

I opened the boundary file . And it automatically takes all the patch as wall . Now i changed the inlet , outlet as patch . The inside obstacle as wall .

In 0 folder

I copied some tutorial files . it now has P,T,U .

now i change all the 3 in the same way ?

I am sorry . I m totally new to this environment . I am just learning it through the forum with trial and error .

Any help would be appreciated

fumiya May 4, 2013 09:20

Hi sud,

The initial and boundary conditions are described in the 0/p, T, U files for
pressure, temperature, and velocity field, respectively.

If you have already chosen the solver to use, running the tutorials for it
would be help you to understand what is needed.

Best regards,

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