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fredo490 May 4, 2013 12:51

Error in source code of mutLowReWallFunction ?
Hello everybody,
I have taken a look into the source code of mutLowReWallFunction that is included in OF2.2 and I found a reference to "compressible::mutWallFunction" in the description comments.


    This boundary condition provides a turbulent viscosity condition for use
    with low Reynolds number models.  It sets \c nut to zero, and provides an
    access function to calculate y+.

    \heading Patch usage

    Example of the boundary condition specification:
        type            mutLowReWallFunction;


But when I try to use this wall function (compressible::mutWallFunction) in rhoSimplecFoam with Komega SST, the solver tells me that this wall function is not defined. Is it only the description that is out dated (I think it comes from OF 1.5) or is there really such a function ?

Edit, the file is located in:

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