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camille131 May 7, 2013 16:11

ignition reactingFoam
I'm trying to compute an axisymmetric flow field with combustion with the reactingFoam solver. I m on the 2.1.1 OF version.
I consider premixed CH4 + air inlet.

Here is my case :

But I have some trouble to ignite it..

I don't know the right length for my patch field (my chamber is 50 cm long en 10 cm ray) one can see the patch at time 0.1

I don't know either the Temperature to set (adiabatic T : 2000 K, or autoignition temperature of methane ie: 850 K ?)

In both possibility the temperature rises and then decrease instantaneously.

Should I change other parameters? in fvSolution, fvScheme, cntrolDict ?

I put a max Co number of 0.2 ...

Thank you in advance for you help,

I'm really upset with that issue since I'm working on it for weeks...

camille131 May 22, 2013 12:29

nobody can help me?

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