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Azanulbizar May 8, 2013 23:26

Solid Particles Injection

I want to inject fine solid particles into a flow. I know that Chalmers already have solidParticles tutorials but I am not interested in injecting a few particles and I want to use/ modify the existing solvers such as coalChemistryFoam.

My biggest questions would be :
1) If I want a constant mass flow rate of total mass flow, mtot in a duration of t
how do I specify my massflowrate profiles?

2) How does the nParcelsperSecond input comes into play and how do I calculate how many parcel I want ?

3) As I want to inject solid particles, preferably of one size or diameter, how do I specify that?
Most of the size distribution models such as Rosin-Rammler are made for droplets, (if not mistaken) and hence, it allows a range of particle sizes. But how do I fix them? Should I use uniform distribution and if so, what do I put in the (x , y ) list?

THank you very much for anyone's input and I will deeply appreciate it if anyone can answer these questions accurately.


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