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s.m May 11, 2013 01:20

liftDir and dragDir for multi elemet airfoils
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Hi Foamers,

i am simulating the turbulent flow on multi element airfoils "30P-30N" that have 22inch=0.5588 stowed chord using OpenFoam.
my question is about setting the parameters of forceCoeffs function in ControlDict.

1- i should write "stowed chord" for three of them as "lRef" or not? if no, what i should write for "lref" for each of them?

2- as we know, the slat and flap of tree element airfoil, has 30 degree deflection angle. now my Question is that, what should i write for "liftDir" and "dragDir" for each of them separately?

i put my forceCoeffs in attachment, please please help me.
thank you very much:)

Alhasan May 15, 2015 14:28

Dear Saeideh,

Have you figured out the answer for your question, I am having exactly same doubts,

What was your boundary conditions for K and W or what ever model you used. can you please share the '0' file and 'system' of the 30P30N case if you still have it.

Thanks again for your Help,

Kind Regards,
Hasan K.J

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